Strong Innovators in Integrating Community And Business

At Dandimite Media Medium we strive to meet the needs of our consumers through sports, social media, and sustainable tech offerings. We always thrive to develop purposeful brans and we remain on course to meet our innovative passions

Dandimite Media is a set of company brands established to provide a unique service throughout a community. Services varying from consulting and web hosting to sports and entertainment are all placed under the banner of garnishing a solution to an industry in need of such integrated solutions.

“We see to replace the old standard where quality information can only be sourced a certain way. We intend to show not only can information be crowdsource, it can also be provided to an audience with diligence and integrity” – CEO and Founder Randy Clarke

Dandimite’s intention is to inject a balanced and measured cadence within the realm of a societal mind. We are here to plant and water a seed that will grow and blossom into beautiful fruits. Our brand offerings shows that from a grassroots level.